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MLS Chooses IssueTrak Help Desk Software

To manage their member call center and 14,000+ member files, RE Infolink chose IssueTrak... (continues).

Help Desk Software benefits MLS service
Largest Credit Union In US Adopts IssueTrak Help Desk System

Read about how Michigan First energized their support desk...

Help Desk by IssueTrak benefits credit union.

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Freeware Help Desk Software

If you have a hand in managing an online customer service department, and are not yet acquainted with help desk software, then it may be no surprise to find out that you are having difficulty getting the results that you expect to on the budget you are working with. Online help desk software, CRM software, or IT support software, are all part of a growing industry designed to increase the production and are customer service staff and maximize the output. And it may be just what you need to make managing your online customer service department all whole lot easier.

Tips on searching the help desk market

There is a lot of help desk software available in the market today. Depending on your budget, the size of your company, or the industry that you're involved with, it may take a little bit of investigation to find out which help desk software is right for you. The price range is quite vast, and he seem steep that first. The more you investigate, the more you'll find adequate software which maybe half the cost of the most expensive help desk software out there.

Even if cost is no matter to you, we still advise and that you shop around the get the best deal possible. Because while most people assume that you get what you pay for, doesn't necessarily mean that the most expensive software out there is the best. If your budget is extremely tight, the idea of freeware help desk software may appeal to you, just make sure you know what you're getting into.

Is freeware help desk software the answer?

While there is some freeware help desk software that is quite good, (especially considering the price), even the most dedicated and diligent programmer can only do so much with freeware software. Quite often we have discovered that freeware help desk software is extremely limited. It can only offer the most limited of services, and cannot be customized even the slightest.

Ease of use and customizability are key

Freeware help desk software does cover the basics, so if you're a small business that’s large enough require a help desk staff of maybe 3 to 5 people, freeware help desk software may do the trick. But with IssueTrak from Help Desk Software Central, almost all of our customers find that the software pays for itself when the first year.

Our help desk software is designed to make your customer service support team's job much easier and more productive. On average a customer has to make four phone calls before their problem is resolved. Our clients have discovered that by using our helpdesk software, that average was down to one or two. That's nearly 75% time saved. Freeware help desk software is limited by the fact that is a generic, static program a sort of one-size-fits-all concept. And if your help the software doesn't allow you to hone your specifications, you simply won't be saving 75% of your customer service staff's billable hours.

Never mind the savings you make in one year, to pay for the cost of implementing the help desk software, think about the savings for every consequent year!

We invite you to test out any freeware help desk software that intrigues you, we also recommend that you download our free help desk software demo CD, and pit the two against each other. We believe that we have paid enough attention to detail, and did enough research, to create one of the most customizable, and user-friendly help desk software programs available on the market today, that we're confident that you'll still choose our help desk software over the freeware help desk software. Contact Help Desk Software Central today and try our free demo CD.

If you're interested in learning more about freeware help desk software, click here. If you'd like to order a copy of our free demo CD, click here.

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