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 IssueTrak Help Desk Software Add On Modules

IssueTrak help desk support software offers various add-on modules which greatly bolster its functionality in a customer support and IT help desk environment. The details of these modules are included below. For more information about pricing, our help desk consulting services, and how these modules would fit into your help desk environment, please contact us here.

 Active Directory Support

IssueTrak now integrates with Microsoft's Active Directory function (AD). This works when a user logs into the support software system, as the user ID and password are checked against the AD. Details such as username, email address and contact information is then retrieved and loaded into the system so that the IssueTrak help desk software system always offers the most current information available. The Active Directory integration module ensures that all administration for the IssueTrak system can be completed within AD, meaning less user administration for your support staff.

 Incoming Email

IssueTrak's Incoming Email Module (or IEM) enables your end users to report any problems by sending an email to a specified account, such as [email protected]. The IEM can be configured to automatically read the emails taken in on this specific account, and then place them into IssueTrak as issues. A typical operation ensures the email's subject becomes the Issue Subject, and the email body becomes the description of the Issue. Attachments can also be included with the issue. This module is perfect for companies which receive a lot of their help desk support requests via email, particularly as it enables the automatic capture, assignment and escalation of an issue without user intervention.
Read more about the Incoming Email Module here.

 PC Asset Management

IssueTrak online help desk software can be additionally equipped with a PC asset management module called TrakPC. TrakPC is an auditing program which gathers information about user PCs and sends it back to the IssueTrak help desk software system via an HTTP (web) connection. This module helps you to keep track of what software is installed on what user's system, and can also gather hardware details. This allows for quick PC inventory reporting and can be used across multiple locations. All the user need do is log into IssueTrak.
Read more about the PC Asset Management Module here.

 Password Reset Module

The IssueTrak Password Reset Module by NetMagic Pro is a scalable password management and security automation module for call centers and support help desks and can be equipped to provide end user self service for password functions. With NetMagic Pro, help desk technicians or call center operators can perform password synchronization across various platforms and applications, reset passwords and perform Account Unlock, Enable and Disable functions. As well, this module enables your help desk operators to generate over 100 security reports on End User ID status. With an optional End User Self Service function, users can self-reset their passwords using a web based GUI. This module is scalable to thousands of users, and can be installed within a few hours.
Read more about Password Management and Help Desks here.

Knowledge Base

The IssueTrak Knowledgebase module by RightAnswers offers your help desk operators the ability to access tens of thousands of problem resolution articles which offer information on software products from virtually every popular application vendor. This enables your help desk support technicians to access information from one help desk tracking software source, and immediately correct the end user issue. As well, your help desk personnel gains extra problem solving strategies, as well as thousands of program examples, illustrations and screen shots. With the use of a comprehensive knowledgebase, support help desk productivity increases, as does your staff's ability to resolve an issue with one call.

Contact us here for more information on any of these additional modules.

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Incoming Email
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In response to customer feedback, IssueTrak has developed a new add-on module that converts incoming emails into manageable issues in the IssueTrak database. (continues over)

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