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 Online CRM from Help Desk Software Central

With a number of customer relations management (CRM) companies out there offering various features and products, Help Desk Software Central would like you to consider an online CRM program. We believe that the benefits of an online CRM program far outweigh those of an installable CRM program.

To clarify what makes an online CRM program different from regular CRM software, is that regular CRM software must be installed on to your office network or onto individual computers via download or CD-ROM. Online CRM programs are hosted on a remote server and can be accessed on the web site with a customer's user ID and account number. Now just why is an online CRM solution the better option in our opinion?

Always Current
Online CRM programs always run the latest versions of the software. Administration and upgrading is our responsibility so your support staff will always be using the most recent versions of the software without even knowing it. There is no chance that whoever is responsible to administer upgrades ever drops the ball, because that's our job.

No Downtime
This also means that your office can start using our CRM software immediately, because there is no time needed to install or upgrade. You can use your office computers to focus on other tasks at hand, knowing that you're already running a quality online CRM program. When you have to put everything on hold in order to install or upgrade your software that's billable time lost. With the online CRM solution from Help Desk Software Central, all you do is into your account number and user ID and you're ready to go.

Accessible from Anywhere
And because access to our online CRM program is managed through passwords and Internet connections, you can access your online CRM account through any computer, not just through the computers in the office. Palm pilots, blackberries, laptops can all be used to access your customer service information during travel or remote locations so that you'll always be on top of your customer service needs.

Reliable Information Sharing
For larger companies with customer service offices in various locations, all information uploaded from any one location can be accessed in real-time from any other location. So if your customer service team on the West Coast encounters a serious problem and through trial and error solves that, information regarding that problem and solution can be recorded and then accessed by any staff member on East Coast should they come across the same problem. Information sharing is automatic with our online CRM solution, so you don't have to worry about everybody reading a memo or somebody passing the word on.

Avoid Software Conflicts and Crashes
When a computer is running several programs, there is a small chance that two programs may conflict. What this means is that the computer will be trying to run two programs at the same time and then 'forget' which program it should run first in the computer will 'hang'. This means that it will get stuck or freeze in the program will close with a message saying that it is non-responsive. Or the computer will crash and shut down altogether, if this happens you may have to completely uninstall the programs and then reinstall them again and hope that the problem doesn't recur. The more programs view of running the more this chance increases.

The same is also the case with software upgrades. After using a specific program for months with no problems whatsoever you may find that upgrading that program may cause it to freeze or crash as well. The reason for this is that when you upgrade a program it is supposed to automatically remove all traces of the old version of the software. In some cases traces of the old version remain causing another conflict. With our online CRM program you can be sure that our software will not cause this problem because it is installed an upgrade on a remote server that you access to the Internet.

Through our multiple password protection and state-of-the-art anti-hacking safety features you can be sure that only the people that you want to have access to your online CRM account will be able to do so. And because your account and all of your customer service based information is stored on a remote server (and backed up in triplicate), any catastrophe that may befall your office will not affect your customer relations. In cases of theft, sabotage, viral damage or even fire you can still answer all of your customer concerns even while your office is being rebuilt.

All this and the cost is the same. Contact Help Desk Software Central today and try our free, fully functional demo CD and experience the benefits of online CRM software today.

To learn more about our online CRM software, click here. To order our free demo CD, click here.

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