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MLS Chooses IssueTrak Help Desk Software

To manage their member call center and 14,000+ member files, RE Infolink chose IssueTrak... (continues).

Help Desk Software benefits MLS service
Largest Credit Union In US Adopts IssueTrak Help Desk System

Read about how Michigan First energized their support desk...

Help Desk Software benefits credit union.

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Case Studies - Using IssueTrak Help Desk Software

The following five case studies will help you better understand where IssueTrak has helped other companies to save time and resources, and keep better track of their customer support issues. Because of its easily learned interface and its SQL server platform, all of these companies were able to adapt and integrate their systems quickly, and discover dramatic organizational efficiency within weeks of installation. For them, Issuetrak was so much more than just a helpdesk software application - in fact, it was the help desk solution.


Trader Publishing Company
Computer Dynamics Corporation
Michigan First Credit Union
Qualitrol - Hathaway Systems
RE Infolink

 Case Study #1

Trader Publishing Company
Trader Publishing Company Uses IssueTrak Help Desk Software Trader Publishing Company uses IssueTrak to track IT issues coming from over 100 offices in the United States. Its implementation was a prime example of how IssueTrak can save organizations both time and money.

Trader Publishing company is America's largest organization devoted to classified and photo guide advertising publications. Among its portfolio of magazines are such staples as Auto Trader, Harmon Homes, Parenting and Boat Trader. The company also operates highly popular online properties such as,, and Trader maintains offices in over 100 cities nationwide, with a headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. Of its regional offices, four of them, each in different cities, are designated as "hubs". These offices act as support centers for other regional offices, and IT staff is on hand to handle calls and help desk issues.

Trader was not new to help desk software at all. In fact, it had been using a product at the time to record IT service requests, but neither the staff, nor management was satisfied with the program, nor its results. The program they had been using was very complex, and simply entering in issues was very cumbersome. What's more, when the company they were dealing with released a new version or upgrade, Trader had to dedicate extensive resources to ensure the implementation was correct, and the product functional.

In late 2000, their vendor at the time informed them that an upgrade was on the horizon. Taking this opportunity, Trader decided to research available alternatives to their current system. One of the packages they evaluated was IssueTrak.

IssueTrak appealed to representatives of Trader for a number of reasons. First of all, because the system is Web-based, it is easier to deploy than other software packages, which commonly have to be installed on numerous systems with certain standards adhered to. Secondly, and more importantly for Trader, the user interface was simple and easy to learn. The issue entry process was also much less cumbersome.

The option of running IssueTrak on remote servers at IssueTrak Inc. was a benefit that intrigued Trader representatives. What this meant was that IT staff would not have to use resources to install it on their servers. As you might expect, their IT department was very busy, so outsourcing the installation was a big plus for Trader.

In the end, Trader decided that IssueTrak was the best solution for their needs. After a quick installation and training process, the results began to show immediately. On their old system, support staff entered approximately 400 issues per month. IssueTrak, however, immediately enabled them to enter over 900 issues per month. Representatives of the company attribute this productivity gain to IssueTrak's Web interface, which is quite easy to work with.

Improved Response Time
Trader Publishing Company is very pleased with the move to IssueTrak. Not only do users and support staff like the system, they are also finding that response time is superb and uptime very consistent. Ironically, one of the key IT issues at Trader before IssueTrak was the company's help desk system itself. No longer is this the case, thanks to IssueTrak.

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