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Case Study #2 - Help Desk Software

Computer Dynamics Group
Computer Dynamics Group is an IT services company that serves over 150 companies from over 1,000 locations worldwide. The company needed a system for tracking service requests that was web-based, and IssueTrak provided the solution.

With a headquarters in Chicago, IL, Computer Dynamics Group offers a variety of IT services, including systems management, remote support, network consulting, installation and integration, as well as on-site services and training. The company also operates two large regional facilities aside from their head office - a call center in Colorado and an IT hardware service and repair depot in Iowa. CDG was looking to expand their facilities, and thus needed a scalable solution which would easily adapt to new facilities and procedures.

At the time, CDG's call center used an issue tracking/help desk software that was hosted on servers in their Chicago headquarters. The company's clients would contact CDG's call center in Colorado, whereupon details were entered into a database, and calls would be immediately assigned to field reps in the client's region. Complicating the support procedures was the fact that field technicians communicated client information and issue details to the call center via both telephone and fax. A key difficulty was caused by the fact that no one outside of CDG's company headquarters in Chicago could access the client database and track the work details.

The Solution
CDG needed a solution to solve the difficulties they were encountering - one that would be flexible, web based, cost effective and scalable. According to CDG's Chief Operating Officer Dave Torson, "My challenge was finding software that was all-encompassing and would do everything we needed it to do." Mr. Torson took his challenge extremely seriously. In the end, he had reviewed more than 70 tracking systems before making a decision. That decision? IssueTrak.

How IssueTrak Software Helped CDG

IssueTrak personnel immediately began customizing its product for CDG's needs. The product's two-tiered hierarchy for issue locations was tailored to work specifically with CDG's various departments and operations. CDG was also enabled to change field, criteria and priorities for specific issues, in order to ensure the product fit the organization exactly.

Because of CDG's plans for business growth, IssueTrak's web based platform fit their needs perfectly.

"If we need to move our call center or establish another one, all we have to do is run a phone line, and they're up and running," said Dave Torson.

CDG's field technicians generally work out of their vehicles. Thanks to IssueTrak, CDG technicians and reps can now access specific client information themselves, and from wherever they have web access. No longer is it necessary to fax or call in pertinent details to the call center, and client employees can now directly access CDG's help desk whenever they encounter an issue.

Completely Cost Effective
Unlike many competitor products, IssueTrak does not require the purchase or installation of software and/or hardware for each location. What's more, CDG did not have to dedicate a specific IT technician to manage the help desk server.

Additional resources were saved because necessary personnel in the support department have access to individual issues, meaning greater efficiencies both at the call centers, and particularly for field reps, who have benefited from a much smaller paper trail by using a ticket tracking software product.

CDG and Torson were impressed by the quick rollout of the IssueTrak program, as well as the product's simplicity and minimal training requirements. Because CDG did not want to have to micromanage details on their issue tracking system, IssueTrak worked better than they had imagined.

Thanks to IssueTrak, CDG no longer has to deal with the issues involved with a complex support system. And, the company can get back to what it does best: providing superb IT field services to its many clients.

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