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Whether you're an IT organization or department or a Web hosting company, having a dynamic customer support software product or ticket tracking software is critical to ensuring your customers are properly served. As organizations grow, their ability to serve customers and support their needs becomes more and more difficult without the proper plan of action at the help desk level.

Help Desk Software Central offers Issuetrak, one of the most affordable and dynamic web-based ticket tracking software products available today. The product offers one of the fastest returns on investment of any Web based ticket tracking software, and features benefits many helpdesk providers simply will not address.

Ease Of Use

Without a doubt, the Issuetrak ticket tracking software system is one of the easiest helpdesk software programs available today. We have taken the traditional graphical user interface of Internet Explorer, and designed a product with a truly usable format. In essence, if you can use an Internet browser, you can use the Issuetrak ticket tracking software program. It's truly that simple.

No Desktop Installations

For many large organizations, adopting a new software product can create a logistical nightmare. The Issuetrak ticket tracking software is designed to attack this issue at its core. This is currently one of the most dynamic helpdesk software programs available today to require no individual desktop installation.

In fact, adopting the program requires no specialized software or hardware, and can be rented directly from Issuetrak in order to save hardware costs. And because the system requires no desktop installations, it can be centrally managed, and accessed securely by anywhere from one to 10,000 users, with complete scalability going forward. The savings a large organization can obtain through the adoption process alone make Issuetrak a truly critical ticket tracking software product.

Learning With Your Customers

With the optional knowledgebase module, the Issuetrak ticket tracking software system can enable your customers to solve issues on their own without taking up valuable customer support personnel resources. This enables you to maximize your company's customer support history, and use it as a beneficial tool for your customers going forward. How many other ticket tracking software products available today actually learn from past mistakes?

Try It In Five Minutes Or Less

While a customer list that includes UPS, the United States Federal Marshals Service, and Verizon certainly attests to the overall credibility of the Issuetrak ticket tracking software product, nothing sells our software better than a demo.

We offer all North American visitors to our web site a free demo of our ticket tracking software. No specialized experience is necessary; you can easily pick up and understand the program using the same tool that brought you here: your browser.

Trying a demo of the Issuetrak ticket tracking software is the best way to determine whether it will work for your organization. Give us five minutes and we will show you.

Click here to apply for free online demo of our ticket tracking software.

If you have questions about CRM consulting, customer relationship management software products, or other helpdesk issues, please click here to contact us.


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