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Installing a help desk software system is a critical deployment for any company, whether that company has a ten member help desk, or a 100 member. And hiring the best help desk consultant to implement that system is critical. The fact is, when you are making an investment as large as that required for a help desk software system, you should know all of the angles you will have to consider.

  Help Desk Consulting Tips

Once you've tendered something out, or made a request for proposal which has been sent to a variety of companies, you'll probably want to know where to start. First of all, when you look at companies which will provide your help desk software system, get a demo. Taking an eight hour day out to demo several products is critical to any help desk investment, as the truth is, benefits are just words until you can see them in action. Try our help desk IT software by requesting a demo here.

Demo With A Rep
If you are in a small organization, you undoubtedly know who the manager or customer support tech is with the best overall software skills. In a larger organization, this may be different. The person who purchases the help desk software and help desk consulting service and the people who use it could in fact be miles apart. But the fact is, meeting and discussing the help desk system with your customer support or help desk representatives is going to save your company thousands of dollars overall.

So a demonstration copy of any help desk software is best demoed by not only those who make the final purchase decision, but also those who actually might use it. A help desk consulting team with any honesty will tell you that this process is critical. This is important on a return on investment level, for one main reason.

Training - Don't Let It Be The Deal Breaker
What many help desk consulting companies do not tell you up front is what often ends up being the largest cost in any help desk software implementation. It's the T word. Yes, training is something many help desk consulting companies gloss over during the initial sales process, yet continues to be one of the industry's main forms of revenue.

Basically, help desk software products should be judged on a lot of characteristics, but overall functionality, scalability and overall ease of use should be top priorities. After all, if your staff can't use the help desk software product, why bother installing one in the first place?

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us here. Or, try a free demo of our system now!

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