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Frequently Asked Questions about Help Desk Software Central

 Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are considering a demo or are an established user of IssueTrak or a client of Help Desk Software Central, the following information may be of help to you. These are the most common questions our representatives get asked when we are called about our services and helpdesk software.

Does an end user need any special software or hardware to run IssueTrak?
In a word, no. All an end user of IssueTrak needs is a relatively modern web browser and an Internet connection. Thus, the end user's operating system, whether Mac, Unix, Linux, PC or Solaris, is irrelevant to the overall functional capabilities of IssueTrak.

Does software need to be installed on user computers?
Aside from a web browser, no.

Does IssueTrak work through a firewall?
Yes. Most of our clients run their networks with robust firewall solutions and we have yet to encounter a compatibility issue.

What type of server is necessary for IssueTrak?
IssueTrak requires Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0 or 2000 and Internet Information Server for installation. The underlying database can be installed and managed from the same machine as the web server, or if necessary, the SQL Server and IIS can be operated on separate machines. The overall capabilities of the server depends greatly on the number of issues submitted per day, as well as the total number of users accessing the system.

IssueTrak is available both to run on your servers or remotely on ours. Running IssueTrak from our servers ensures that you won't need to involve your IT department with software installation or configuration or license management. As well, it ensures you need not invest in additional server infrastructure. With this method, you simply pay a small monthly fee to use IssueTrak.

What training is necessary for our employees to begin using the system?
Because of it's web browser interface, IssueTrak requires very little training at all. As long as your employees are familiar with browsing the web, they will be able to submit issues right away.

Does IssueTrak work well with dial-up, or is broadband necessary?
Broadband is not necessary; IssueTrak is designed to work over any kind of connection. Functionality is not decreased by dial-up because the system is very fast and uses a minimum amount of graphic image data.

Is the IssueTrak interface appearance customizable? As in, can we make the program look like a company application with our name and logo appearing on every page?
IssueTrak HTML pages do allow for a high level of customization, which does include the ability to add your company's name and logo.

Can the access URL for our instance of IssueTrak reflect our company domain name, as in
Yes, this is very possible, and is a feature currently being used by some of our clients. To accomplish this, you simply add a DNS entry to your domain for We provide you with an IP address, and once configured, your users can access the program from our server using your specified web address.

Can IssueTrak be customized specifically to our company's support needs?
Yes. IssueTrak is completely customizable. We recognize that many companies require different features that might be unique to their systems. Some examples of this might be additional fields in issue records or specialized tracking reports.

What is the cost of customization?
The costs of customization vary, depending on how extensive those changes are. Please contact us here for an estimate.

How do we go about setting up users on the system?
To set up users, you can either enter them manually through the web interface, or send them to us in a file. We can import these users and passwords directly into the IssueTrak system, which can save you time. As well, you can easily designate one or more of your personnel to be system administrators. System administrators can maintain the user lists and details directly.

How much does IssueTrak cost?
We offer IssueTrak two ways: you can run it on your servers, or we can host it for you on our servers.

Does using this product require annual maintenance and upgrade fees?
When you purchase IssueTrak, you receive 90 days of free maintenance and support. After that annual support contracts are 20% of the purchase price.

Is there a demo version available?
Yes, we do have an online demo available. Simply go to our demo request form, fill in the pertinent details and we will send you sample User IDs and passwords to use.

When our company grows, will IssueTrak grow with it?
The platform that IssueTrak runs on is one of the most scalable of its kind, and the IssueTrak system is designed specifically to enable flexibility when moving applications to newer or separate servers if hardware requirements increase.

What technologies are IssueTrak based on?
The web server portion of IssueTrak runs on Microsoft's IIS (Internet Information Server), which runs Active Server Pages (also known as ASP). All data is stored in a dedicated database server running SQL Server version 7.0. IssueTrak's design ensures that functions are executed quickly and simply, with minimum total network traffic.

Is it possible to obtain a copy of our IssueTrak data for anaysis?
Yes. Because the data is stored on SQL Server 7.0, it is quite simple for us to produce an Access or equivalent database for your company containing the data.

Who developed IssueTrak? How long has the company been in business?
IssueTrak was developed by IssueTrak, Inc. The company has been in business since 1992 and specializes in developing custom software applications. Help Desk Software Central is an authorized reseller of IssueTrak headquartered in Cambridge, MA.

Request a free demo here, or contact us here. For more information, please contact our sales department.

E-mail: [email protected]

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