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If you manage a technical support department, then you know that the demands of the IT support industry get more and more specific each day. You need qualified and professional technical support staff, and you need support software that will help your support team be as efficient as they can be. If you feel that your support software isn’t up to the task, or if your company has outgrown its old software, then its probably time to consider a new choice for you support software needs.

Consider a web-based solution for your help desk needs. Help Desk Software Central offers IssueTrak remote support software that helps technical support professionals manage and resolve customer support requests from remote access. Our remote support software offers every tool necessary to help technical support professionals manage request queues, remotely monitor and control customer's computers to ensure that the requests is resolved properly and efficiently. Additionally, our remote support software can be used to communicate with customers either online or by phone.

IssueTrak remote support software has a number of features that technicians will find extremely useful. Through our developmental research, we have noticed an abundance of cases in which the customers who call about a technical problem have limited computer knowledge and may not fully understand the instructions given to them by the technician. This can be very frustrating for the technician and customer alike, and it also wastes billable time. If only the technician good directly access the customer's computer, then the time required to resolve the problem would decrease dramatically. Because our remote support software features remote access, now the technician can do exactly that.

Key Helpdesk Application Features
Everything that the technician needs the customer to do, the technician can now do remotely. The technician can now examine all relevant files on the customers computer, or monitor customer activity in cases where the customer is not sure how to explain what's going on, the technician can see what the problem is. If need be, the technician can control the customer's computer to run diagnostics, self repair programs, system restore, upload specific files from the customer's computer that may be the cause of the problem or download patches that will solve the problem. The technician can even remotely direct a customer to a specific web site using the co-browse feature available on our remote support software.

Remote support software is simply a better way for your technicians to help your customers. In most cases, a customer who can see what a technician does as they explain it results in a customer learning what to do and should the problem recurred in the future, the customer may be able to resolve the issue by themselves.

By using remote support software, the vast majority of our customers have found that technicians can diagnose the problem and resolve it faster, meaning drastically reduced call times, meaning money saved. Our customers have also discovered a vast reduction of repeat calls for the same problem, a decrease in call escalation and overall fewer support errors, meaning more time available for new calls from new customers, meaning happier customers and money saved.

If you think remote support software is the direction that your company needs to go in, let Help Desk Software Central get you there fast. We offer one of the easiest to use remote support software packages available, meaning you can have our remote support software up and running in no time. Try our free demo CD today.

If you're interested in learning more about our remote support software, click here. If you would like to order a free demo CD, click here.

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