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Turn problems into advantages with proper PC help desk support
Anybody involved in management knows that unexpected problems occur, and that these problems must be dealt with. They may be frustrating, they may threaten catastrophe and ultimately they separate good managers from bad ones. But these problems also play a different role. In the business world, they can be turned into advantages.

Within any given industry, a problem that one company encounters will likely be encountered by a rival company. The company that deals with these problems better will be a step ahead. Ironically, the best way to get a step ahead is to look to the past. That is, in experiencing these problems those who document them better and learn from them will know what to do should they arise again.

PC help desk software is the perfect tool for your support staff
Wouldn't it be great to have a tool that pretty much automatically collected any scrap of pertinent data regarding these problems? In the IT support and customer service industries, such a tool exists. Help desk software exists for the sole purpose of making life easier for IT technicians and customer service representatives, and the better help desk software will include features that enable extensive note taking, and information storage and sharing.

Available for both Mac and PC, help desk software will give your support staff the support that they need. Help Desk Software Central offers PC help desk software complete with a number of features that your support staff will find invaluable.

Easy to use
Modeled after Windows, Help Desk Software Central offers PC help desk software that is easy to use. Any PC user who is somewhat experienced with Windows will find working with our PC help desk software a smooth and natural transition. Your staff will have full working knowledge of our PC help desk software in no time, this means less downtime and less money dedicated to training.

Note Taking with Fully Customizable Categories
Our PC help desk software allows your support staff to save data according to category that they choose. Save information about specific customers. Is someone hard of hearing or do they get angry easily? Anything that can be used to ensure customer satisfaction can be recorded on a notepad, designed to come on screen automatically should a specific phone number be recognized. Or how about a specific product that seems to cause trouble in the same area for many different people. Type in a keyword such as the product name, and all information will appear. You can even keep data about your competitor's products so that your staff can highlight the strengths of your company’s products.

Remote server access
Because our PC helpdesk software is hosted on a web site, your PC helpdesk account can be accessed from any computer with the proper username and password. You will also not have to worry about any installing or upgrading and the potential for computer crashes that is common with these procedures. As well, larger companies with various regional offices can easily share information added from one office to another. So should a problem encountered and resolved in Wisconsin be encountered again in Michigan, the Michigan employee can access the Wisconsin solution and apply it regardless of their experiences.

For every problem there is a resolution. If a resolution does not yet exist, then having access to all data relating to the problem will make solving it much easier. If the problem reoccurs, and it was solved in the past, then every staff member that may potentially be called upon by a customer to solve that problem should have access to that solution and all details involved. With PC help desk software from Helpdesk Software Central, your customer support staff will have the tools that they need to improve your customer relations and give your company that all important step ahead of the competition.

If you would like to learn more about PC help desk software, click here. If you would like to order our free demo CD, click here.

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