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   Call Center Software by Help Desk Software Central

If part of your job description includes management of an IT technical staff or customer service department, then you’ll know first hand the difficulties that can be encountered in the field. Customers with limited knowledge about computers phoning in expecting a tutorial about how to install recently purchased hardware, software or even how to use the computer itself. If you want to keep your customers, then you want to keep them satisfied, and your customer support staff is your front line in reaching this goal. If their job is made easier, then obviously keeping your customers satisfied also becomes easier. That’s where call center software comes in.

The Call Center Nightmare
Trying to diagnose what was wrong on customer's computer used to follow a formula similar to this:

Customer: There is something wrong with my computer.

Technician: Do you know what the problem is?

Customer: No, I don't know much about computers.

At this point the technician may ask the customer if they can identify any symptoms of specific problems. Occasionally, this works. But usually it's a recipe for mutual anger. If the technician cannot ascertain the problem using this technique, they then follow the list of usual troubleshooting options. In some cases, the technician is required to offer solution 'A' with the understanding that the customer will try it (assuming that they can understand the directions properly), and then call back if the problem is not resolved. This can go on for quite a number of potential solutions. As can be understood, this takes a lot of time and every second of that time costs money. With call center software from Help Desk Software Central, this scenario can be eliminated.

Our call center software features remotes access. This means that a technician can effectively control the customer’s computer to carry out all necessary functions. What once could have taken several lengthy calls, can now be solved in no time. Best of all, the technician can explain the procedure to the customer as they carry it out, so that the customer can watch what's happening and can have the significance of each step explained. Our studies have shown that customers are far more likely to understand what is going on when they can visualize what's going on, and this means less chance of them calling back.

There are many call center software programs available on the market today and if you are finding that making the right decision is proving difficult, here are a few key things to keep in mind.

Is it user friendly?
While purchasing a call center software program with a wide range of features is ideal, if it has all the bells and whistles but can only be operated by a computer whiz then it is definitely best avoided. After all, the more confusing the program is to use, the longer it will take to properly train your employees – and that’s downtime and money that doesn’t need to be lost. Call center software from Help Desk Software Central is designed with use of use in mind. Training time is minimum and it can be integrated into your office is no time.

Is it cost efficient?
There is quite a large range of prices between all the various call center software packages available on the market today. Some cost more because they offer more, sometimes they cost more because the price is over-inflated! Know what you are looking for to meet your call center staff’s needs, find out as much as you can about every call center software program that you consider. Sometimes the most expensive package isn’t the best for you. Does it include all the features that you are looking for? Does it include too many? Are some of the included features unnecessary? Do pay more than you have to.

Do they offer a free demo?
If so, try it! The best way to tell how good a call center software package is, is to give it a try. That way you can get a better idea about how well it will perform in your office. Help Desk Software Central offers a fully functional free demo CD with full instructions and we are confident that our call center software will be right for you.

Get your office organized with call center software from Help Desk Software Central today.

If you would like to learn more about how call center software works, click here. If you would like to order our free demo CD, click here.

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