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Help Desk Software Features

 Truly Usable Web-Based Help Desk Software

Choosing a help desk and issue tracking software to handle your organization's support and customer relationship management details is an important decision. It will affect your organization for years to come, saving you thousands of dollars in support costs, and best of all, giving you the edge when it comes to retaining your most important customers. This is why Help Desk Software Central offers IssueTrak, a robust, multi-featured helpdesk software application that will grow with your company, and ensure your customer and employee issues never fall through the cracks. It is customer support software that is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies, with pricing which fits small organizations as well. So not only do you get a customer service software product that works, you also get help desk consulting experts.

Some of the features include:

Help Desk Issue Tracking

  • A proven performer in help desk or customer service applications
  • Completely searchable knowledge base functions alert you to reoccurring issues
  • Powered by Microsoft's SQL server for maximum stability
  • Customizable email notification tools

Complete Project Tracking

  • Easily assign people to projects with the click of a mouse
  • Track your current projects, including the status of any open issues
  • Know which projects have the most open issues
  • Full security ensures that only team members can view issues.
  • Set up projects easily and specify your project manager

Web Based Flexibility

  • Web-based platform ensures no need for multiple installations on user desktops
  • Remote offices can be served easily
  • Enables customer access to their support issues
  • Deploys quickly, with very minimal training necessary

Completely Customizable

  • Easily definable issue types prioritized according to your organization's needs
  • Customizable interface means your name and logo appears on all pages
  • Numerous customizable user-level options
  • Issues are easily assigned
  • Editing of issues with complete assignment power
  • Administration tools mean you can maintain user lists, issue types and set individual priorities

Supports Staff Activities

  • Can enter issues on behalf of users
  • Can assign issues to other personnel
  • Tools allow notes to be added to issues
  • Complete issue closing capability
  • Ability to quickly edit and create knowledge base articles
  • Adds time to resolution, actual solutions to issue notes

Customer/User Activities

  • Submit, view and search outstanding issues at a user level
  • Receive email notifications
  • Knowledge base search

Robust Administrative Tools

  • User setup, notes
  • Easily establish issue types, subtypes and their priorities
  • Enter equipment IDs for IT tracking
  • Set up departments, multiple locations and regions
  • Set up external organizations which need access
  • Create knowledge base directory and categories
  • Establish escalation parameters

The Software
With a core built entirely on a web platform, the IssueTrak help desk tracking software application enables you to administer, assign and enter issues, as well as search and report, with a simple web browser. Your customers (end users) can enter issues themselves, or they can be completed by your help desk support staff. Technicians can be assigned issues by other technicians, or by supervisors. Notes can be entered and saved for help during similar future scenarios. When an issue is completed, it is easily "closed".

Also, IssueTrak's web-based format enables users to access a list of the outstanding issues they've submitted, and track their progress without repeatedly calling your organization. This can save your organization hours of support call charges every day.

Flexible Issue Tracking
With support and IT departments in mind, issues can be tied directly to configuration items such as computer hardware and software. Issues can also be assigned to easily customizable categories and subcategories, with priorities determined by your organization.

Email Notification
Email notification and automatic hyperlinking ensures your technicians receive an email directing them to the web location of the latest assigned issue. The user is always kept well informed as to the progress of the issue, with emails being sent whenever your technician adds notes to, or closes an issue.

Escalation Deadlines
You can easily customize the system so that if issues are not closed within a certain time period, they will be automatically escalated. At this point, a member of your staff can be sent an email reminding them that the issue is still open.

Powerful Search
The ability to search for issues is a powerful tool both for your technicians, and for your users. Technicians can use this function readily to solve issues that may have come up before, thus closing customer issues quicker. Customers, meanwhile, may hesitate to call your help desk (thus tying up resources) when the issue may be solvable with an online search.

The search function is powerful, an enables your technicians or users to search for issues based on status, who submitted an original issue and whom it was assigned to, by department and location, and a number of other characteristics.

Outside Vendors or Partners
The IssueTrak help desk system really comes into its own when you are dealing with partners or vendors that are outside your organization. Here you can set up users from a partner or vendor organization and assign issues directly to them via email. Your partners are then able to solve issues with only a simple web browser. What's more, you can actually keep track of how quickly they respond, as well as discover issues which may be currently outstanding.

Robust Knowledge Base
Thanks to a robust knowledge base application, a partner organization can enter their own knowledge base articles, assign them to categories, and code them with specific keywords. The knowledge base is fully customizable and editable, and enables both users and support people to search by category, text or specific keyword.

To see or print a full-color Issuetrak brochure, please click here.

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