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When the most important and yet least visible revenue generator in any industry is superior customer support. With quality customer support come happy customers and repeat business. It's a simple equation, and one which should not be lost on any manager. The fact is, obtaining new customers is far more expensive than simply pleasing the old ones. What's more, a top-notch customer support experience leads to increased sales, and more repeat business. Providing this experience is what the IssueTrak online customer support software system is all about.

Keeping It Online

The beautiful point about online customer support software is that the customers seeking support bear most of the weight when it comes to solving an issue. When helpdesk and customer support issues are entered by the user, customer support personnel can quickly move to solve the issues.

The IssueTrak online customer support software features a separate knowledgebase module which enables your customer support department to easily call on previous issues which may be similar to new issues. This means that customer support issues can take 75% less time and resources in comparison to a paper-based system, or help desk call center. For most companies, particularly larger organizations, this can mean incredible cost savings and a far superior customer support experience.

The Simplest Online Customer Support Software Interface Available

What surprises many of our clients is the unbelievable ease of use of the IssueTrak online customer support software system. We are one of the few helpdesk and customer support software companies to boast about the fact that we do not offer a training department.

The fact is, our online customer support software is simply too easy to use. We have seen situations where executives with limited or no computer knowledge can be up and using the system within five minutes. Basically, if your customer support personnel can use a basic Internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, they are guaranteed to be able to use the IssueTrak online customer support software system. In fact, they may be able to master it within one hour. It is truly that simple.

Complete Issue Security

One of the most important features for many of our clients is the ability to secure their customer support software systems. The IssueTrak online customer support software system is completely securable, and enables administrators to create a password system and use hierarchies of accessibility. This means that data is available to only those with access rights. Ensuring this form of privacy is at the core of the system, and makes our IT support software as secure as possible.

Try It Out Today

Trying the IssueTrak online customer support software system is as simple as filling out a form and connecting to a Web address. In fact, once we receive your information, and reply you can be trying our online customer support software application within minutes. You will be glad you did.

To request a free online customer support software demo, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns about adopting an online customer support software system, please click here to contact us.

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