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MLS Chooses IssueTrak Help Desk Software

To manage their member call center and 14,000+ member files, RE Infolink chose IssueTrak... (continues).

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Largest Credit Union In US Adopts IssueTrak Help Desk System

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Help Desk by IssueTrak benefits credit union.

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If you run a business, or are manager of a company, regardless of size or industry that you are involved with, customers are your bread-and-butter. It is a simple equation. Your company offers a service or product, and you want to attract as many customers as you can to pay for that product.

Quality IT support can give you an edge over your competitors

Likely, you will have competitors vying for the same clients as yours. Any edge that you can get over your competitors will mean more customers and more profits for your company. Good advertising will get the message of your product out to the people, your potential customers. A superior product will mean happy customers and perhaps repeat or even lifelong customers. But no matter how superior your product is, or how clever your advertising campaign may be, if your customers are dissatisfied with your customer service, you may lose a lot of customers.

IT support software can help!

That's where IT support software from Help Desk Software Central can help. The more customers that you have, the more customer inquiries you will have, particularly in the IT industry. Traditionally, the rule was for every increase in customers, a company would have to increase their customer support staff to an equal percentage as the customer increase if that company still one wanted to maintain the same level of customer support. Now, with the increased development in the IT support software industry, instead of hiring more staff you can give your existing staff the tools to increase their productivity and maximize their output. Without having to working any harder, your customer support staff will be able to handle a wider volume of customer inquiries.

In the course of dealing with customer concerns, we at Help Desk Software Central have done a lot of research and studied the recurring trends common to the customer service industry. We have designed our IT support software package to address all the needs of your customer service representatives and to help them better assist your customers.

Stay a step ahead of your customer requests!

The volume of customer calls and e-mails of even a lower mid sized business, may require a relatively large customer service staff. It goes without saying that a larger business will require a lot more representatives. With regular frequency, specific customers may make several calls before their issues are properly dealt with. With even a medium-sized customer service staff, the odds of that customer reaching the same representative are nil. Even the most organized note taking system cannot possibly ensure that all relevant information is passed from one representative to the next.

Our IT support software offers state-of-the-art tracking and information storage that is extremely user-friendly. Files can be created for each individual customer. All calls, questions and relevant information can be added to that customer file, including which issues have been dealt with and which need attention. Any notes taken by one representative is immediately added to your IT support software help desk files, and will be available to any other representative who happens to take it that customer's next call.

This is just a sample, a detailed practical application to one of the many features of our IT support software. To learn more of what our IT support software can do, click here and visit our sitemap.

To learn more about our IT support software, click here. If you would like to order a copy of our software, or to a request to free demo CD, click here.

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