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Providing tech and customer support assistance is a necessity for many companies, despite the fact that it is not their core mission. With tech support, a key goal for every organization, whether large or small, is to ensure all system users on a network are working at all times. When computer systems become a problem, productivity often turns to nil. Meanwhile, customer support is one of the most important facets of any successful and growing company. Without it, customers simply move on. The IssueTrak web based helpdesk software system enables you to serve both groups of stakeholders, tracking issues, and solving problems all from an online interface.

Customer Support Benefits

As a knowledgebase equipped web based helpdesk software system with e-mail tracking, IssueTrak offers a wide variety of benefits in its role as an online customer support software. Customer issues can be created and closed with the click of a mouse, and tracked stage by stage to ensure customer satisfaction. What's more, alerts can be set when issues have not been resolved within a certain period of time. All of this comes with one of the simplest web-based helpdesk software interfaces available on the market today.

IT Support Benefits

When knowledge-based workers encounter difficulties with their PCs and the software which runs on them, productivity is affected. The IssueTrak web based help desk software system remedies in these issues in a number of ways. Our help desk IT software tries to anticipate every situation. Using the optional password management module, user passwords can be reset in cases where they have been forgotten, or reminders can be given from administrator to user. Software issues can be remedied quickly using the optional knowledgebase module, which builds its own database of older issues in order to ensure repetitive problems are corrected immediately. Finally, PC asset management is available to ensure that your network administrators know what systems are on your network, not to mention what software products have been installed.

Demo Help Desk Software From The Web

The IssueTrak web based helpdesk software system is one of the fastest demos available in the industry today. Where else could you contact a company and began mowing their products within two minutes of reply? The answer: no where else but Help Desk Software Central. Trying the IssueTrak web-based helpdesk software system will give you an excellent idea of what it is all about, and how simple it is to use.

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