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Our Help Desk/IT Support Desk system was designed to help organizations better track, organize and report on the support and customer service issues that affect their organizations daily.

Unlike most competing products, our Help Desk/IT Support Desk system is completely web based, meaning it requires no desktop installation and very minimal training. Our customers regularly report that the product rollout is typically far quicker than they had expected.

Our Help Desk/IT Support System has been proven effective across multiple industries, for organizations including small businesses, government departments, educational institutions and Fortune 100 companies. All this functionality comes at a surprisingly affordable price, even for startup companies.

Our Help Desk / IT Support Desk Software System works offers your organization a simplified system for:

  • Customer Self-Service
  • Product Support
  • Service Requests
  • Knowledge Base Support
  • Issue Notification
  • Problem and Change Management
  • Detailed Support Management Reporting

Automatic Email Notification For Issues
Our Help Desk Software system streamlines the management of your organization's help desk, and speeds communications by automatically notifying specified personnel when a new issue is submitted, assigned, updates, closed or escalated. The result is an efficient help desk software system that enables your organization to better serve its customers.

New Automatic Email Conversion Module
With the new Automatic Email conversion module, incoming emails can be automatically converted into trackable issues and added to our help desk database.

Knowledge Base Functions
With Knowledge Base functions, you can empower your customers to solve their problems on their own. This Knowledge Base enables you to publish online how-to articles, procedures, solutions to past issues and FAQs quickly and easily. In this way, our product enables you to make institutional information available at every level of your organization.

Web Based Asset Management Module
Tracking IT assets has become a critical task for organizations, mainly because it enables tighter financial controls on an organization-wide basis. Software compliance and security, as well as detailed management reporting are other key reasons for enabling a PC Asset Management system, which our help desk software system provides. This solution currently aids companies and organizations with:

  • Initial and Ongoing PC Audits
  • Financial Control Information
  • Hardware and software identification
  • Financial planning
  • Budgeting
  • Software License Compliance
  • Web-Based Asset Management

Superb Project Tracking Features
Our help desk software system enables your organization to track issues by project, and assign individuals to projects with one system. Built-in security features also prevent non-members from viewing projects they shouldn't, while the simplified interface enables managers to quickly determine which projects have open issues, and which are closed.

Service Level Agreements
With our product, you can set benchmarks to ensure that your customer or internal issues are addressed quickly. The system can be easily configured to notify key employees via email if and when issues are not defined within your time parameters. The result: greater efficiencies and higher accountability for your support team.

Multiple Locations Easily Addressed
With our Help Desk Software System, you can assign issues to employees within or contractors outside your organization, including suppliers, vendors or clients. Effectively, issues can be assigned worldwide, as long as an email account and web browser is available.

Proven Scalability
Our Help Desk Software Solution was designed from the ground up to be the fastest help desk solution available, from a training, response time and communication perspective. It's scalability enables small businesses as well as major corporations and governments to grow the product as they grow. And its underlying technology is widely available - meaning practically no system customization is needed in order to adopt.

Our Help Desk Software System uses:

  • Microsoft SQL Server technology
  • No client-side Active X controls
  • Search pop-up technology
  • Optimized page layouts for maximum efficiency
  • A Multi-server environment to eliminate any potential bottlenecks

LDAP & Active Directory Support
As of October 2003, our help desk software system will automatically look up user information, and better prevent information duplication.

Truly Customizable
Remember that our product is a truly flexible system which enables you to take advantage of more than fifty user and system options. As well, we frequently customize our for our user's needs, so you can be ensured that the product will fit your requirements, guaranteed.

Request a free demonstration here, or contact us about our software here.

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