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Managing customer support services at the corporate level can be a tricky issue, particularly at the help desk. Each year, thousands of organizations spend billions of dollars worth of man hour resources simply receiving and solving customer support issues using complicated helpdesk management software. The help desk software industry has developed out of this, with each player offering a different approach to customer support software and IT ticket Management. Help Desk Software Central's approach is simple and focused on maximizing efficiency in an easy to use web based help desk environment.

Adopting new IT ticket management software can be a tricky procedure. Many companies offer robust, yet highly proprietary online help desk software systems each with their own sets of limitations. Help Desk Software Central's web based help desk software application is designed specifically to skirt these limitations. We do this by offering these important characteristics for our IT ticket management and help desk support software environment.

No Proprietary Technology Limitations - Our IT ticket management help desk software runs on the MS SQL server system, an easily administrated server application known throughout the industry as a robust, easy to manage platform. We can either install our system on your MS SQL server, or as we do with many clients, rent a preconfigured server for you. Both options offer full support and cost effectiveness.

Completely Web Based - Our help desk customer support systems application is completely web based, and works with most commercially available internet browsers today, including Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Mozilla's Firefox. At a client level, no specialized software is necessary at all. If you have access to the Internet via a web browser, you can quickly and easily have your technicians up and running.

Simple Interface - Because this online customer support software system runs directly from most internet browsers, the system is extremely simple - designed for quick, effective implementation - and can be used almost immediately. We engineered the system to ensure that users require very little training - thus saving additional resources - and can use all the features of the system within an hour or less. Many competing products are complex and require in-house training, an expense which is added to overall implementation costs. Not ours.

No Client Installs - Because there is no installable software required, you can quickly mobilize a IT helpdesk with anywhere from 1 to 1000 users in very little time.

Scalability - Whether your IT help desk has 10 or 10,000 users, our system can grow with you. But even as your system requirements grow, the product remains simple and easy to use and manage.

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Getting started with the Help Desk Software Central IT ticket management system is simple and immediate. What's more, many clients have reported superior return on investment virtually from day one, as IT and customer support issues are solved with sometimes twice the speed of other competing systems. Your organization can experience these cost and resource savings as well. Click here to try an online demonstration of our product, or contact us here if you have other questions.

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