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Like all aspects of business, the key to success is the bottom line. A business will not survive for long if it does not implement standard technological innovation to compete and gain the edge within its industry. Computers and all standard productivity tools such as Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, are simply a must in order to run a successful business. However, with innovations in helpdesk software technology, comes complicated procedures and new skills that must be picked up by the employees who use them.

That’s where helpdesk services and the Issuetrak help desk solution comes in handy. An office team needs a solid internal helpdesk team to keep production as high as possible. But the same concerns arise in the helpdesk area. If your helpdesk team has to contend with inferior helpdesk tools, it makes the job of troubleshooting that much more frustrating. If you want your business’s internal helpdesk services to run as smoothly as possible, you want them equipped with the most state of the art, easy to use helpdesk software on the market.

Help Desk Software Central uses IssueTrak customer service support software featuring a simple interface that allows your helpdesk services team to effective track and manage both internal and customer requests easily and efficiently. Our system is web based so there is no desktop installation or extensive training required. The fact that our software is web based ensures that there are never any expensive upgrades that need to be installed onto your computer network, avoiding the hassles of downtime while your network gets up to date, and it eliminates the potential for system instability and crashes which is common during software upgrades. Remember, it’s all about the bottom line.

Our helpdesk services software features a database which keeps track of recurring issues which automatically alerts employees to persistent problems in order to hone your solutions for when those problems come up again. Our help desk program also offers a comprehensive request tracker that ensures that each problem is being dealt with and keeps a log of all responses, ensuring that each inquiry is being dealt with. Team members can easily be assigned to a specific project, ticket numbers are automatically tracked and notes to each task can be added, and then shared through email notification to ensure complete transfer of information. You have complete control over our fully customizable software and can shape it to meet the specific needs of your helpdesk services needs.

Our web based help desk software is equally effective in dealing with customer help desk services. The same principles that make managing internal help desk issues a snap, translate in every way to customer inquiries. So if you want to minimize your overheard while effectively maximizing your output, contact Help Desk Software Central today and give your helpdesk services the cutting edge they need.

If you would like to learn more about helpdesk services or our CRM consulting, click here. To order a free demo CD, click here.

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For a VOIP infrastructure project involving 600 locations around the world, EDS needed a robust, Web-based issue tracking system. Their choice after looking at over 40 packages? IssueTrak. Read other case studies below...

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