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  Help Desk Billing Software

The key to a successful business is customer service. But the trick is being able to offer superior customer service while at the same time lowering your overhead. If you can make every part of your business easier for your customers, including payment, at a low cost, then you’ve done a great job as a manager.

How do you achieve this? By contacting Helpdesk Software Central and ordering our help desk billing software. Our software is designed to make billing and receiving payments a snap, as well as making billing problems easier to deal with.

  Help Desk Billing Software Makes Receiving Payments a Snap

Our help desk billing software features built in trackers to ensure that your help desk and billing department can better manage payment issues. So if one of your help desk billing representatives encounters a payment problem with one of your clientele, it can be dealt with easier and more efficiently.

By allowing your staff to easily add appropriate notes to that customer account when billing irregularities occur, our help desk billing software makes sure that you never miss a payment. Should a representative encounter a problem, he or she can add a detailed account of the problem. They can also add an automated reminder to appear in any set amount of time to ensure that your staff properly follows up on the problem.

As a result you can deal with the payment issues through one of two of the following ways, ways in which the problem is properly dealt with.

A) The customer is given a certain amount of time to correct the problem, and when they call back to inform you that it has been corrected, all past information regarding the problem will be present for the representative who takes the call. By making all relevant information available to every representative, you make office communication that much more effective. Without knowing anything about the original problem, the representative who takes the follow up call will know exactly what happened, what needs to be done, and to close the matter to ensure that the customer isn’t bothered by any follow up calls after the situation has been resolved.

B) Should the customer not get back to you within the set period of time, an automated reminder will draw attention to this matter. That way you ensure that your company resolves all outstanding billing issues, and never misses a payment due to neglect again.

Our help desk billing software can easily automate customer payments. By creating an unlimited amount of customer accounts, you can add credit card information to each one so that payment transactions are automatically conducted. And in the case of a failed billing transaction where for example the customer’s credit card has expired, an automatic notice will alert you to the fact and appropriate steps can be taken to resolve the issue.

Our help desk billing software also creates professional invoices to print or email, and so much more! So if you want to make billing easier for your clients and save money in the process contact Helpdesk Software Central and try our billing help desk software today!

If you would like to learn more about help desk billing software, click here. To order a free demo CD, click here.

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